Health Insurance for International Expatriates Retiring in Foreign Countries

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In today’s economy more and more people are retiring in foreign countries to take advantage of the many tax breaks and the opportunity to live the high life on their retirement incomes. International health insurance for expatriates is available and a good idea. Health insurance for someone living abroad can be very expensive if a comprehensive expatriate health plan isn’t in place. A worldwide medical plan will give a person the peace of mind that their medical needs are covered while living or working in a foreign country.

Standard Travel Insurance Vs Health Insurance
As a general rule, standard travel insurance will cover a person while they are traveling for medical emergencies. This would include injuries such as a broken bone or those requiring sutures. There are however, limits that wouldn’t be covered such as being in the country for a specific amount of time or specific medical procedures. If someone is only in the foreign country for a short period of time this may be all that is required, but make sure to always read the fine print and make sure that the standard travel insurance is covering the person for the amount of time they’ll be living in the foreign country. If not, there are more options that should be considered.

International Health Insurance for Expatriates
This health insurance, as opposed to standard travel insurance, is designed for the longer term visitor in a foreign country. Many health care companies specialize in providing health care coverage plans that will provide longer term insurance for expatriates. Comprehensive overseas medical coverage plans can give a family the peace of mind that they have the necessary coverage for hospital stays and other treatments for such conditions as cancer and psychiatric care should it be required while living abroad. Many of these comprehensive plans also include maternity care from prenatal visits to the delivery. Surgical procedures such as a Cesarean section are also provided for.

Supplemental Plans
For more detailed plans a person may wish to have the above mentioned coverage in place along with some special supplemental plans. These plans may include outpatient plans that would cover regular clinic visits for ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes or dental care. There are many different supplemental plans available and a person should fully explore his or her options prior to grabbing the first one they see. This coverage would be in addition to the cost of the international health insurance.

A person should get several quotes for the specific area they will be living in. They can get these quotes directly through the health insurance company as well as online through the company website. Be very specific when requesting a quote and make sure that the company that will be lived in is listed and has available coverage.

This type of insurance for those wanting to retire in foreign countries isn’t difficult to obtain, it just takes good pre planning and the time to do the research.